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By the time you read this sentence 2 people will have heard their doctor say the words:  you have cancer.

1 out of 3 will hear those words said to them in their lifetime.

Your donations will be directed to keeping doctors from every having to say those words, and if they do, the next words they say will be, “but it’s going to be all right”.

We will allocate funds swiftly, with a singular purpose – to cure cancer.

The unique quality of metabolic therapies is their broad efficacy.  While a given drug that targets mutations only has the potential to work on a fraction of the people with a specific type of cancer – drugs that target metabolism work on everyone with cancer, regardless of tissue of origin.

Even though this therapeutic approach has shown incredible preclinical promise, procuring funding is still difficult.  The vast majority of funding continues to be allocated to research focusing on single mutations, or narrow pathways that have proven, time and time again, to be largely irrelevant to the course of the disease.

Our focused approach is unique among foundations, allowing for collaborative synergy.  Not only do we directly fund research, but we will sponsor symposiums aware that innovation is born out of a collective effort.

We will allocate funds swiftly, with a singular purpose – to cure cancer.


The goal of our foundation is to put ourselves out of business as quickly as possible.

Other foundations typically focus on one single cancer type; we focus on the one feature of cancer that pervades all cancer types – defective metabolism.

Sadly, because metabolic therapies like the ketogenic diet, hyperbaric oxygen, and re-purposed drugs are unable to be patented they sit on the side-lines.

Our goal is to fund the research that may demonstrate the efficacy of these therapies so they may be incorporated in to the oncology clinic--for everyone.