Your Donations at Work

Your donations at work. Attached are several publications detailing research partially funded by FMCT. The paper titled: Press Pulse: A novel therapeutic strategy for the metabolic management of cancer,highlights a theoretical, guiding strategy to use synergistic, combinations of metabolic acting therapies to help treat cancer.

This strategy would use the ketogenic diet as a base to press on the cancer by creating a therapeutic differential where cancer cells are put under energetic stress, and, importantly, oxidative stress while healthy cells are made more resistant to oxidative stress by a decrease in free radical production along with an increase in intracellular glutathione (antioxidant). Next, pulses, defined by other metabolic or oxidative acting therapies are employed to act selectively on the weakened cancer cells. The papers highlight these therapies including: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the glycolytic inhibitor, 2-DG, oxaloacetate, metformin and exogenous ketone supplements. These ideas offer a new path to treat cancer―a third branch of oncology, metabolic oncology. Of course, this strategy will have to be proven in a well-executed clinical trial before it becomes part of standard of care. This is our ongoing goal.

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