The Ketogenic Diet with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The striking feature of cancer therapy once cancer is framed as a metabolic disease is the combinatorial synergy observed.  We have observed the synergistic efficacy when the ketogenic diet is combined with radiation, cisplatin, 2DG, and now hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Here is a link to the study.

4 thoughts on “The Ketogenic Diet with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  1. Mike McDaniels

    Before Fluorouracil (chemo) was invented, in the mid 1950’s. Cancer pioneers used Sugar Deprivation to kill cancer cells. It went like this: Place patient on a Ketogenic Diet for four days. Then use insulin to lower their blood sugar level. This put the patient into a hypoglycemic coma. Hold the patient there for a few hours, then revive. The cancer cells, with their high metabolic rate, died from starvation. The normal patient’s cells could survive on Ketone Bodies. Cancer cells can not live on ketone bodies. I don’t know why this therapy hasn’t been revived considering medical advancements like “real time” blood sugar level monitoring, etc. In the old days, the patient could end up dead. The problem with this was angry relatives in the office. This is not like modern day oncologists, who simply send you home to die. Also, today, they don’t have to see you die; because, you are in Hospice. Look how clean and modern we have become!

  2. Tracy Hamilton

    Currently my husband has this dreaded brain cancer which can’t be operated on as it is deep in the tissue that effects the speech area. Stage 4
    He has just started chemo and radiotherapy and we are trying to find out the latest help we can get with diet and clinical trials
    Help help
    It’s not easy


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