Travis Christofferson

Founder and President


Jim Abrahams

General Partner



General Partner


We are seeking additional board members at this time.

We are seeking enthusiastic, and influential individuals who believe in the mission of the Single Cause Single Cure Foundation.  Individuals who recognize the current approach to cancer research needs to change, and that right now this Foundation has a real chance to change the course of this awful disease.

We have a mission and a very specific research goal — a combination of therapies directed at the metabolic defects inherent in cancer cells.  (see RESTORE Protocol under the research tab)

This moment in time is unique.  Decades of false promises and abject failure has led to where we are today — but out of this failure comes new understanding.  Emerging evidence combined with the knowledge acquired from decades of cancer research, has led a group of creative and critically-thinking cancer biologists to a new idea — cancer is not a genetic disease; it is a disease of defective metabolism.  This moment in time is unique because any treatment approach is only as good as the bedrock of understanding that it is based upon.

It happens that luck is on our side because there are some existing therapies that target the metabolism of cancer right now — they happen to be cheap, relatively non-toxic, and they show incredible promise when used in combination.

Right now we think we have a real chance to impact peoples lives on a meaningful scale — but we need help.

Travis Christofferson